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Ultimate Fun & Simplicity

Doing away with the traditional timeline method of animation, Animata! is built on the innovative Checkpoint-based user interface, a first of its kind. Animating is as simple as tapping, pinching and swiping! You don't need a degree in animation studies here, because we've done all the hard work (and simplified them!) so you can just focus on creating your movie.

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Tons of Content

Choose from a pool of toon characters, emoticons, backgrounds, effects and music for you to mix and match for your own unique animated story. As a bonus, you can even insert your own photos and music! Not good with words? Make your girlfriend a movie to say you're sorry. Want to craft a truly unique birthday present for a friend? Make a movie with Animata!. The possibilities are endless!

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Share Your Creations

Share your movies on Facebook and YouTube. Surprise your girlfriend by posting a movie on her wall, she'll love it! Post your movies on YouTube to engage a broad audience and become an amazing storyteller! Save it in your iPad and share it with your favorite social networking apps!

By the Animata team.

Picture of Ting Tze Chuen

Ting Tze Chuen

Creator / Designer / Engineer

Ting is the creator of Animata!. In the past he has developed dedicated software and apps to monitor and control machinery. Being a big fan of animation (any Despicable Me fans here?), he decided to animate and control more than just machinery. Thus, he engineered Animata! from the ground up and designed its innovative Checkpoint-based user interface, turning tables on the traditional timeline method to make animating a fun and easy experience like you've never seen before.

Picture of Jayhan Sim

Jayhan Sim

UI & UX Designer

Jayhan designed the UI/UX of Animata!'s beautiful interface. Always the one staying up late to make sure each pixel on the screen looks perfect (that's why we love him). He also designed our kickass logo and icon. Jayhan spends his spare time sharing his thoughts about design on his blog.

Picture of Tey Chin Guan

Tey Chin Guan

Theme Designer

Tey is the designer of Animata!'s gorgeous themes, toons and emoticons. With his talent in illustration and color play, he breathed life into Animata! with his adorable toons (so adorable that when a guy made an Animata! video for his girlfriend on Valentines, she burst into tears-- and we mean the good kind. #truestory).

Picture of Ng Ching Ching

Ng Ching-Ching

Composer / Sound Effects

Ching-Ching composed Animata!'s music and sound effects. Loves experimenting with different styles of music and shares her own music on Soundcloud under the moniker chiiiiing. She also makes bags and accessories in her free time.

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